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We all have a reason to celebrate at some point in our lives. We have some great entertainers waiting to entertain at your event or party. All content © Spot On Entertainment Ltd (UK) 2016. Company Reg 557 5731 VAT No 871 8287 86. Not to be reproduced without permission. Data Protection Act 2016.

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@SpotOnEntertain Jul 26, 12:08

precision machining

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 25, 12:08

The answer to those HAMMERING the fee Man City have paid for Mendy

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 24, 12:08

Snatch is the app where you can win everything from a PS4 to a holiday

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 23, 12:08

Rebecca Jane is a private detective who catches love cheats - this is how she does it

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 23, 10:24

Facepainters now sorted. Thankyou!

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 23, 09:19

Any face painters available today - Cheshire - Sunday July 23rd 2017?

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 23, 09:10

#Facepainters wanted urgently - #Hyde, Cheshire - 11 to 4 TODAY! Please phone if you can help @SpotOnEntertain @SpotOnEventsDir

@SpotOnEntertain Jul 22, 12:08

Nation's top point guard, Brentwood Academy's Darius Garland, names top six schools

Mr Bean Lookalike, Mr Asbean, for promotions and appearances worldwide.

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